Need help on a .38-40 Headstamp & 13.2 Hotchkiss


I had someone stop by and give me a coffee can of loose metallic cartridges. I was sorting them out and grabbed a bunch that appeared to be .38-40. When I looked at the headstamp I discovered that they were not .38 W.C.F. They are early U.M.C. but the oldest reference catalog that I have for U.M.C. is 1902 and they were not listed. The base of the cartridge is raised on the outside edge and they are U.M.C. The headstamp is “U.M.C. .38 C.F. S.H.”. Are these .38 Colts ??

Also there was a 50 caliber B.M.G. that is headstamped " 2-11 E 13". Can someone tell me the manufacturer.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


13.2mm Hotchkiss Japanese manufacturing

2-11 = september – december 1942
E = Yo = Arsenal Yokosuka
13 = 13.2mm Hotchkiss type 92


The 38-40’s are exactly that. .38-40 Winchester. Also known as .38 WCF or .38 CF. These particular UMC cartridges would have been made about 1885. At one time, UMC headstamped the Colt Lightning cartridges .38 C.L.M.R., but they are interchangeable with the .38 WCF, although, at one time, bullet weights were different if memory serves correctly.



Thanks to both of you for your help. On the 38-40 I knew they were 38-40 but the “S H” threw me off so that’s why I had to question. This is another good example of the outstanding members of the I.A.A.


S H meant Solid Head, as opposed to the earlier & weaker balloon head construction. You may find they use a small primer with the CF headstamp & those were for probably for both Marlin rifles and Winchester rifles & carbines.