Need Help on DWM Box Codes


I am still working on DWM box codes (from both DWM Karlsruhe, and Berlin factories). I have documented the following box codes. These codes are typically stamped on the back of the DWM boxes.

152 A V (BKIW on side06/1933-06/1936)
266 AR-for Chico War 1932-1935
325 ASV (BKIW on front label)
039 AEV (BKIW on front label)
364 AE (Spanish label but similar to 325 ASV label)
366 sV (NICORRO) sticker on label
413 UV (Late label in English for gunstore in Kenya)
704 U (Like the 366 sV but without sticker)
395 a (like 366 sV but without sticker and stamped rostfreie Zundung)

If you have any other DWM boxes with Box codes please post them or send me an email using the “email” box below.



Good to see you are persevering :)

I forgot about my 1936-1945 DWM .22lr box which has this stamp on the bottom:

29.E.H.W.42b 50


Hi Lew

Here is a box with 8x57 CWS steel cases.

Rgds, Dutch



Am I correct in assuming that the box name reads ‘Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.G.’ ?

In that case, in combination with the sans-serif DWM logo I would expect it to be a post-june 1936 box.


Yes Vlim.

The label !
Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken AG.
Werk Karlsruhe

The CWS steel case was introduces by DWM Karlsruhe ( P28 ) in 1937.
The 47th lot of 1939 was the last 7,9 Mauser lot they made.
If they did not have a special department for civil ammo it must be made between these dates.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lacquered steel case DWM hunting round in my collection. Only CWS. That means for me, this technology was never introduced in Karlsruhe on small caliber cartridges.


Dutch, This is a very different code. The 9mmP labels seem to be three digits follow by one to three letters, sometime with extra letters or numbers scattered on the base of the box but usually not. The two .22 DWM boxes I have recorded are Vlim’s 29.E.H.W.42b 50 ( I assume 29 EHW is the basic code) and the one on the latest ECRA publication 7 PL.

Your code 59812/HA is quite different with a much longer number than I have doucmented.

Does anyone else have DWM commercial rifle boxes with codes???

How about any more .22 Box codes.

Thanks for the help—Lew


1960s DWM KK80 commercial .22lr boxes.

These boxes with the DWM name are labeled with the address of the Karlsruhe branch, and exist with IWK (Industriewerke Karlsruhe) and IWKA (Industriewerke Karlsruhe Augsburg, after the merger with KuKa in Augsburg in 1970) , as well as with the Mauser brand name. The Mauser ammunition was manufacture abroad, but with the familiar ‘bombe’ headstamp marking.

A DWM KK80 box with IWKA address has 27 66 25 on the inside of the lid. This box was made in or after 1970.

A DWM KK80 box with IWK address has 26 58 40 on the inside of the lid. This box was made in or before 1970.

The Mauser KK80 box has 100705 pressed into the inside of the lid.
Another Mauser KK80 box has 100765 pressed into the inside of the lid.


On a dealer’s site:

Box with 2 8-round stripper clips of 7.63 Mauser ammunition.

“BKIW vormals DWM” name.

Box code: 324 AS.

Similar box, box code: 324 A S V


Early BKIW .22lr box: 17.P.L rubber stamp marking on the bottom.




Lew - I finally got to this project. Firstly, none of my earliest boxes, 7.65 Para or any of the Bergmann boxes appear to have ever had any code stamped on them. Out of many 7.65 Para boxes, only one had a code that I could see. Some may be faded off. Some codes were on an inside flap, while most were on the bottom of the box. I was disappointed that about half of my DWM boxes showed no code, either never there or not longer perceptible to the eye. IN the first entry below, for 6.35 mm Browning, one entry within the code was illegible and is shown with a question mark. Here’s what I cam up with. Sorry there aren’t more.

6.35 mm Browning


7.65 mm Browning

267 SV
28b 411
29 b 45
12 i 43 Steel case ammo
18 g 42 Steel case ammo. This code was cancelled by blackening out. Below it was code 7 w 44

7.65 mm Parabellum

208 RV

9 mm Pb

039 AEV
266 AR “G B” headstamp, Spanish language label
645 AE Spanish language label anonymous as to maker, as was “GB” box". Obviously a DWM box

9 mm Steyr

195 WT

7.63 mm Mauser (both 20-round boxes in clips - many did not have a date code or it was faded out)

102 A
139 A

9 x 25 mm Mauser “Export”

766 C

I was kind of disappointed about how poor my DWM box collection was, by the way. I just assumed I had more. I had none, for example, for 9 mm Browning Short or 9 mm Bergmann Bayard. Many others missing, I am sure. Best I could do for you, unfortunately.

John Moss