Need Help on Early German 9x19mm Box

This weekend I was out visiting a collector of Autopistol cartridges who lives near San Francisco and sometimes visits this Forum. As I pawed through his outstanding collection of cartridge boxes, I spotted an early German box that had a S&B (ak) overlabel from 1944.

The part of the original label looked WWI vintage but the part that was visible was like no other German WWI label I had encountered (and remembered).

In spite of my tears and begging, he refused to rip off the offending overlabel to reveal the original label.

Can anyone here tell me what this label is and what the hidden part says???

The suspense is killing me—or at least damaging the few gray cells that remain.



I can only tel you that the last line reads:

in der Heeres-Munitionsanstalt Jüterbog / in the army ammunition Plant Jüterbog

Jüterbog is about 40 miles south of Berlin.

Thanks, I suspect the part we can’t see indicates the ammo is repacked ammunition of various origins. I’ve never seen a repack box this early.



I think it is mid 1930 ammo, in an old WW1 box.

On the label must be printed

Fertigungsdaten und Pulverlieferung unbekannt
Untersucht und neu verpackt
in der Heeres Munitionsanstalt Jüterbog

I have a box with the “ak” label with almost the same data.

WW1 ammo used later had a label “Nur für Übungszwecke”


Dutch - thanks for the great information on this box, which is mine. Yesterday, since I have another repacked
box with a diffeent under-label but the identical top label, I tried to soak off the “ak” label. I was totally unsuccessful. Nothing ruined, but the top label’s glue was not deactivated in the least. I shant worry about
it now that we know what it says underneath.

I should look through my own stuff more often. Today searching for something else, I found the following photo of a box from a private collection:


The note with it indicated it contained German ball loads with the headstamps indicated:

  • 2: “X 24”
  • 1: “Pu 8 24”
  • 5: “Pu 9 24”
  • 1: “P 4 25”
  • 7: “Pu 9 25”

So this box must date to the mid-1920s. Sure wish it was my box!!!
The army ammunition Plant Jüterbog was repacking some interesting ammo.

By comparison, John’s box is almost identical in letters and probably says:

[quote]Untersucht und verpackt
in der Heeres Munitionsanstalt Jüterbog[/quote]

While the last line of the one in the photo says only:

So it is likely later than the mid-1920s.

Bet John wishes his box had been full when he got it instead of being reused.

This is the second time I have documented “X” and “Pu” loads in the same box. The previous time was a sealed German Army format box marked “Pu” on the label for components and loading which contained two “X 24” headstamped loads.

Thanks to everyone for their info!

Has anyone seen other boxes from “Munitionsanstalt Jüterbog”???