Need Help! Spotter Tracer M48A1

Hello, I’m new to the forum. I have a friend that passed away and he had couple of these ammo boxes full with dispensed Tracer Rounds. Honestly I don’t know much about them and ive been googling all day figuring out what they are and what they are too. All I know is what is stamped on the case. If anyone has any information or knowledge about these Please let me know? I’m all ears. Also, didn’t know if there is a worth to them . Thankyou

Those look like regular M17 tracer bullets. M48 used yellow/red tipped spotter/tracer bullets.

Yea. They have a red cap in them . I’m not for sure what they are. So have they already been fired then?

As jestertoo said these look like regular M17 tracer bullets, unfired, probably for reloading and intended for shooting on a clean (no burnable material such as dry grass) firing range. These are NOT the bullets from M48A1 spotter cartridges.

Unfortunate that the label on the can is partially gone and rusty, would have been a nice collectable can otherwise:-(

The “red cap” is just to seal the tracer compound in the bottom.

M48 spotter/tracer bullets look like this (notice yellow/red tip on the projectile, your’s are brown or maroon)