Need help starting cartridge board

So iam young.(18) and i wanted to make a cartridge display. One of each cartridge. Nothing to rare. But how would i start? How would you attach the cartridges to the board? what would make a good display? Yeah i know nothing. Thats why Iam here. Thanks For anything!!

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I started out the same way but ran out of boards real quick. I ran 1/2 pine through a router and left a small lip on the bottom for the cartridge to rest then I drilled small holes two high on the cartridge and two low on the cartridge and used fine lacquered copper wire to tie them in place. make sure you number the board and use a sharpy to write on the cartridge for Identification. I finally went to plastic boxes. Good hunting!!

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Welcome. Hot glue may work well too without needing to drill into a live cartridge. Keep us posted on how it turns out. -Ger

The original cartridge company made displays used dummy cartridges with a couple of holes in one side of the case, through which a wire was run so as to attach them to the board. However, I would recommend attaching them with wires as was described above by Vic, because drilling the cases is not only dangerous, but also reduces the value of the cartridges significantly

Thanks vic. Two more questions. What would you use as a background? (If any) Felt? If so what colour? If not what would you recommend. And my other question is how would i lable the cartridges in a neet manner. thanks again y’all

I’ve seen green felt used before to good effect. Textured glossy black material also looks really nice, especially with some gold leaf.

Here’s a link to another thread that might help: Link

Some people also use the old wooden drawers or trays made for printers to store metal type. Because of the need for different quantities of different letters, the compartments are made in several sizes, which allow matching of cartridge to the compartment.

These have the advantage of being easy to move things around for artistic effect, or to rearrange if you happen to get a few more cartridges (it could happen!) and you can even put several in a single compartment. The trays can be mounted on the wall if you like.

With NO drawer or floor space, a bare spot on the office wall suggested a Velcro (hook and loop) lined board mounted vertically for my paltry collection of less than 1,000 rounds.
I glue a strip of the hooks to the back of each cartridge (or to a vial containing it if very valuable (for example if worth more a dollar!). It takes a fairly strong glue to keep hold of the cartridges as you from time to time add a new one in the middle…I suspect hot glue might suffice, and it might not be quite as tedious as epoxy or polyurethane, etc.
I just used thin paneling for the board back, but SHOULD have used at least quarter or three eights plywood.



Something that is easy to use is the MTM Cartridge Board. The board includes clips to attach the cartridges and holds 42 rounds.

Also: thrift stores are your friend. I scored quite a bit of useable material for projects at dead cheap prices.

For example: an old set of velours curtain drapes is still being used as base material for lining boxes and displays.

Frames are also cheap and plentiful there.