Need Help to ID 30-06 Bullet Type


When I obtained the below 30-06 it was labeled as an AP cartridge.

I have tried to look it up in Hackley, et al and can’t find it - if it exists.

I am thinking this isn’t an AP cartridge at all. The bullet is non-magnetic. Is this just something like a bronze tipped sporting round?

Any information will be welcomed.

Thank you.



Heavyiron–Yes, that is a commercial Bronze Point Expanding Bullet. This headstamp was used from August 1912 to July 1933. The Bronze point was introduced about 1920. It is not in the 1917 catalog. My next catalog is 1923 which list both 150gr. and 180gr. Bronze Point Expanding Bullets.

Is it nickel plated?It is not like modern Bronze point bullets

The first one is a bronze point pulled from a .270 Winchester

heavy & pivi

The REM-UMC bullet was first called the Brass Point Expanding. The bullet jacket was CN and the brass tip was oxidized a black color which gave it a very distinct and easy to remember appearance. When CN was replaced with GM the tip was made of a special bronze alloy and the name was changed to Bronze Point Expanding. In later years the bullet was identified simply as the Bronze Point.

The one that heavyiron pictured has most of the black oxide worn off.

The Bronze point was the most successful of the United States patented protected point bullets. The modern polymer tipped bullets are direct descendants, manufactured and functioning the same as that 90 year old.