Need Help with 12GA FH Brass Source---

I a visitor here, great site. I’m Ed Hubel one of the 3 maniacs
on the AR forum who developed the 3 & 3/4’ long 12GA From Hell
case. We did it by putting 12ga size rims on BMG brass.
Our guy who did this is retired. We still have guys needing cases, and we
just found that a Proparms long 12ga size brass case is the same.
It is called their 20mm Neutrex. This is a case used in a short barreled cannon like a kiln gun, mounted on tripods, trailers, robots for bomb
disposal/disarming. They are called disruptors. Many hundreds of them
in N America, in military, in bomb squads, etc. There are other brands that use hopped up 12ga plastic cases. Does anyone here have fired
Proparms cases. The UK has had a type of these little cannon disruptors,
for many years. They call it the Pigstick. Royal Arms has one using plastic
3.5" 12ga cases loaded to over 9000 ft lbs energy. If you google bomb
disrupters/disruptors, there some wild stuff. Any help on the cases
will be appreciated. Ed

hi !

Your goal is to find 3 3/4 inches long 12 Gauge empty shells, isn’t it ?
Either in brass, paper or plastic ?

Which quantity, and how much is your target price ?

We are looking for Proparms 3 & 3/4" brass fired cases.
These are 12ga dia, like other 12ga brass cases only long.
Price-- We aren’t one a piece collectors, but many
guys are and will pay high prices, but we need them affordable
as we are reloading and shooting them. I will pay 3 bucks each.
Of course some of us will scrounge them for nothing. Ed

I dont have any Proparms cases.

Ed is a wildcatter buddy of mine, and is looking for a source of fired cases. With many US cities doing training drills with these types of cases, perhaps we could locate a few?
I won’t mention any data, but his 12gaFH round rivels the 700 Nitro Express in power and is legal for hunting anyplace a regular 12ga is (even California).

Ed’s case on the left (note the threaded on base ring), and the Proparms case on the right.