Need help with 30-06 ID

Hello again everyone. As you all know by now I’m going through some ammo that I inherited and I found an ammo can full of these in enblocs and bandoleers… where is this from? Only has .30 69 on headstamp. Thanks!

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Maybe Yugo?

Made in the Netherlands by NWM.



Fede, you sure about that? Looks 100% Igman.

Jon, same headstamp exist with “NWM” at 12 o’clock with 68 and 69 dates.

You may want to check this previous thread for more information (pictures just fixed): .30-06 PKS headstamp



Why would this have no headstamp other than date and type? How would one know it was Dutch, or German? Was this a way for Germany to circumvent their laws? I know this has happened in the past with regards to post war Germany.

Why German? If you refer to the information discussed in the linked thread, the German cartridges in question are headstamped DAG 67 .30.

I’m just thinking out loud because the rounds I’ve shown have nothing more than a date and .30… just wondering. I will reread that thread maybe I missed something.

Fede thanks. I just had to wait for pictures to load on the phone. Thanks again for all your help and patience my friend!