Need Help with a Cartridge ID?

This one recently came in and it’s either a paper combustible or possibly a needle-fire cartridge. It measures OAL 1.427" Diameter at the ball end is .406" which would be .38. I have looked through all my books and can’t find a similar example. This example is slightly tapered.

Y1246B Y1246A

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Not my area at all, but the shape reminds me of a Colt Thuer.

Me too!

40 or 41 Colt Thuer ?

Also not my area but attached is a PDF I have concerning paper cartridges, take note of the tapered Colt cartridges shown in the American Rifleman article.

Paper Cartridges; AR 12-1968 & Etc…pdf (5.9 MB)

Nice article. Thank you