Need help with a couple of ID's, please

I’m in the process of going through my collection, much of which hasn’t seen the light of day for close to 20 years, and I’m finding a few items I could use a little help with.

The case on the left is dimensionally identical to a 454 Casull. The rubber cup shown in the photo was sitting in the bottom of the case. According to my records, I bought it from CHK Cartridges as a 45 MSA, and I have a notation that reads “BLAND MSA VELOCITY”. I gather, based on one non-English ebay listing that google turned up, that it’s a tool cartridge for a portable cable crimper. Any additional information would be appreciated.

The case on the right, I know nothing about. As you can see, it is headstamped 9mm, but the length is 1.152" / 29.27mm, and it is necked down to approximately 30 caliber. The only information in my old notes is that it came from Gary Reusze, listed as “9mm extra long?”. Again, any help in identifying it would be greatly appreciated.


If I remember correctly but only partially, the first is for some mine safely equipment, maybe on a 45 Colt case. I have a box of the 9mm Extra Long, they are for making a full length blank

Thank you. The full-length blank is an explanation I would not have come up with on my own.