Need help with an early mystery 8m/m cartridge

The other day, I purchased a number of old military cartridges from a local collector, and as I’ve sorted through them I found I misidentified one initially. I thought it was an 8x50mmR Steyr cartridge, but the case measures ≈53mm in length. The bullet is a round nosed fmj, with what looks like a cupro-nickel jacket material? The overall length is ≈77mm. It was manufactured by Keller&Co. in 1891, as denoted by the headstamp: III 18 91 K.&C. The rim diameter and case shoulder look the same as an 8x50mmR Steyr. So I’m a little stumped. It’s not an 8mm Murata, but I’m not sure what it could be, other than some variation of the 8mm Steyr. I’ve included some pictures comparing it to a 1909 dated 8x50mm Lebel Balle M cartridge, and a 1937 dated 8x50mm Steyr. Any help would be appreciated!

heljac, this is known by collectors as the 8x52R Mannlicher M. 90 and is one of the predecessors of the 8x50R Mannlicher M. 93 cartridge. Its correct designation is “8 mm M. 1890 scharfe Patrone”.


Thank you so much. I don’t have much experience with 8x50mm Steyr ammo, so I wasn’t sure. I very much appreciate that you included the designation as well. I remember there being a couple of more from where I got this one, so I’ll have to go back and recover them. At the same time I also found a K&C marked M.88 Mannlicher clip, I wonder if I can find the entire set. If I’m not mistaken, these are loaded with a semi-smokeless round, correct?