Need help with Finnish .303 boxes


I really need some help with Finnish-made .303 (or 7,7 mm as known in Finland) boxes. This caliber was loaded in Finland 1930 to 1943 for the Finnish Air Force. After WW2 all .303 ammunition left was either scrapped or sold to the United States as surplus. I have finally managed to find a single specimen of all .303 cartridges loaded by Valtion Patruunatehdas (VPT) and I also have a couple of boxes with ball cartridges. What I am still looking for are 15-round tapered-shape cardboard boxes of special ammunition ie. armor-piercing (“panssaripatruuna”), tracer (“valojuova” or “vj.”) and incendiary (“sytytys” or “syt.”).

I just need images of the box labels (all three sides of it) for our book about .303 and other rifle and machine gun ammunition (other than 7.62 mm x 54R) used in Finland prior to 1945. If you have these boxes in your collection and are willing to scan or photograph them it would be great for our book and most appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Mika Pitkanen