Need help with ID Geco Rimmed case


Please, help me to identify this Geco made case. Thanks for any info!


Looks like a 12 x 44 R Remington (12.7 x 44 R) fired in the wrong chamber.


These are for Swedish rolling block rifles (the cases came from there).


The bulging of the case may not necessarily be exceptional. Chambers in rifles of the black powder era were often very loose. Firstly because they didn’t see any need to make them tight, it would be better to have every round fit every chamber. Secondly because black powder fouling built up in the chamber as well as the barrel and the build up in the chamber over as little as ten rounds could make the rifle difficult to load.
There is no bolt on a rolling block to help force the bullet into the dirty chamber so a loose chamber would be expedient.


Thanks all for comments!


The dimensions are also close to the 12.7X45R Papal Remington. Main variances are that the rim diameter given is 1.25mm less, and the given length is about 2mm less, than the Papal Remington cartridge. If they are not the same, they would probably be interchangeable, given the chambers were a bit sloppy. The Papal Remington rifle was also a rolling block design, but made in Belgium.


Fede has the correct ID of this case


Thank you!