Need help with ID

Found another box of my dads ammo and all these are old… need help with this one.

11x53R slightly tapered straight case.
OAL about 62mm
Headstamp seems to be “F 2 91(?)”

Can’t seem to find a straight answer…

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Isn’t that a .45/70?

Mine seems to measure .44 but I guess you could be right as usual Alex.

.45-70 Govt. tinned case manufactured February 1891 by Frankford Arsonal. I have a bunch of those. always looking for more. Tom

Thanks Tom, after Alex’s comment I figured it out… sorry but I think this is the only one I have like that. I did find this one as well just a minute ago

I also found four 40-82’s. I know nothing about these yet but I’m reading…

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If you know nothing about these yet,perhaps I can assist you a little you display some nice
Spencers,I myself have weakness for these and find them and its Guns fascinating they say
its the Gun and Cartridge that won the Civil War,However collecting these there is as always
2 sides they can be very reasonable in price but also very,very expensive,but than that can be
with all catridges concerning our hobby.The study of that cartridge its Headstamps bullets and
makers will occupy you for a long time to come however your Bankaccount will not present you
with to many bonuses but I swear you will have fun. Sherryl

Yea these were my fathers. I just started going through it all about 2 months ago and these are the last ones to catalog from his collection. They’ve spent the last 25 years in storage!

The top cartridge (FA 2 91) is often called “.45-70” but is actually the .45-55-405 cartridge for use in trapdoor carbines. The short, mostly rounded bullet is the ID feature. The .45-70-500 for use in rifles had a longer bullet. Prior to the adoption of the 500 grain bullet for rifles, both the rifle and carbine used 405 grain bullets, and the cartridges were marked with “C” or “R” in addition to the maker and date to tell them apart.

Good info John thanks…l hope to capture a few more here soon.