Need help with identifying this cannon shell


This large (182mmx570R) brass shell casing was purchased some time ago on eBay. The seller said that Libya was the possible country of origin. There are no markings on the case, and it does not appear to be a “cut-off.” Any help in identifying would be appreciated!


Might have been for the Soviet S-23 artillery piece.


Mike would you have a better (higher resolution) shot of the head?


I’ll send you one…


Mike–I looked in what is the most complete listing of artillery cases I know of “Big Bore Ammunition” by Hawkinson and there is nothing even close to the dimensions you give. Could you recheck them? We need the inside and outside dimensions of the mouth and the diameter of the rim and the length.


As requested, here are some additional measurements.

Rim diameter: 209mm
The rim is approximately 7mm thick and protrudes 7mm from the body of the shell.
ID at mouth: 184mm