Need help with Lead corrosion. Cleaning and prevention

I haven’t seen much information on how to deal with lead oxide.

  1. What’s the best way to clean it?
  2. How to prevent it?

I’ve also read somewhere that a corroded cartridge will “infect” another one and hasten it’s demise. Is that true?

So far I just put any cartridge with white powder in it’s own baggie.



So vinegar for loose bullets that don’t have any value.

What about loaded cartridges? Maybe a soapy water scrub followed by the saniwax treatment?

Lead is a pretty stable material, and to my knowledge the only way to reverse oxidation is by either heat or an electric current, neither of which have any appeal when working with ammunition.

I hate putting any coating on cartridges, unless absolutely necessary, but if one must, then in the past I’ve used a thin layer of liquid silicone. An alternative would be Inox, WD40 or similar, in fact anything which can be easily removed if need be.