Need help with these cartridges


The 30 Carbine cartridges are probaly identified.The red plastic one is an aftermarket item,with no ID markings,for practice. The white cased one is probably a “dummy” round.
The 9mm head stamp is either 8AE or BAE.
The 32 S&W has no markings,at all.

The red .30 Carbine is a Norwegian blank and the black blan is German by Dynamit AG.

The 9mm is a British made round for Sten guns, the headstamp is B (broad arrow) E and was made at Royal Ordnance factory Blackpole in Worcestershire. date is probably 1943 or 44.


Are you sure the unmarked 32 S&W round has no headstamps?I think to see some marks on the base

The .32 S&W appears to have a headstamp - looks like ‘S&W’ at 12 o’clock and ‘32’ at 6 o’clock. This is a European headstamp, most likely German.

Guy,and others
I see that S&W is also listed as Smith & Wesson.Did they manufacture any cartridges?

Smith & Wesson never made centerfire ammunition. The cartridge is a 32 S&W, which is all the headstamp is referring to.

Tony, I zoomed in on the B (broad arrow) E and it is a 41 date. Very nice item.

That particular round is marked: B A E 43 9MM

Guy: Your comment that S&W never made any center fire cartridges, means? there are no S&W center fire cartridge or some other company made them for S&W? Vic

Smith & Wesson marketed cartridges some years ago. However, they were all made by other companies for them.

Kragman - that center figure in your BE British 9mm round is not the letter “A” in any form. It is the British Broad Arrow (upside down V with a post running from the center up to the top edges, representing an arrow head), a military property mark of the UK.

Lew says the date on your cartridges is 41; you say it is 43. Which is it?

There is an easy to see 43 on the base of the 9mm cartridge
Zooming up does not change it.

I’m confused about the 32 S&W cartridge.Should I catalogue it as European;probably German-or-as Smith&Wesson made.


You’re making the S&W thing more complicated than it needs to be.

Many cartridges are named after the firearm they were first used in. 32 S&W, 45 Colt, 30-06 Springfield. Etc.

Most firearms makers did not manufacture ammunition. Smith & Wesson is one who did not. The manufacturer of the cartridge is usually ID’d by the headstamp or by other distinguishing marks or characteristics. I can’t say who made your particular 32 S&W cartridge but if the Old Ammo Guy thinks the headstamp indicates German manufacture I’d put a lot of faith in his opinion.


I hear you,and will comply.

I thnk it is 43, Lew.

I do have a 41 though, as I am sure you do, but there are not a lot around.