Need Help with values/identifcation


Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the forum and I need some help with values and identification of some items.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I love asking questions too. I found it more efficient to make separate posts for different items. Different things attract different experts. Also improves future searches since you can give specific names to different posts.


First photo is a “Pepper” question (his specialty area)
2nd photo smells like a 25mm? Japanese Hotchkiss round
5th looks like a 20x138B, and some 20x102’s

Aside from what Vlad said about separating the questions/items, dimensions are of mucho value and having a set of calipers is never a bad idea (most of the big stuff, and metric cartridges in general, are projectile diameter and case length in millimeters with a modifier for the “other than rimless” cases)


First pic: ditto on asking Pepper

2nd pic: Japanese 20 X 125 with shipping tube. A good-very good example.

3rd pic: Japanese knee mortar round with fuze.

4th pic: Japanese knee mortar round with shipping plug

5th pic: T-B German 20 X 138B
next 3- U.S.(probably) 20 X 102 and/or 110

6th pic: L- U.S. Mk2. Early fuze. Probably early WW2 vintage.
R- Italian Brixia 4.5cm mortar grenade.

7th pic: disassembled Italian grenade?

Email me if you need more specifics.

Dug this little tidbit up on the mortar rounds:

Sadly, too small to read, for this venue. Suffice to say, pretty much everything you wanted to know about these. WITH DRAWINGS!!!


Pepper here (thanks for all the props that I might know what they are!)

First item (long round with blue markings) is as marked…a Federal Labs 37 mm multiple baton round (“wood batons” with a typical wood projectile alongside it…5 of them stacked in side)

Here it is (a few) as factory sections

The two short aluminum (fired, unfired) rounds are puzzling in that I haven’t seen them (read as “I think I need to buy them !)…they say “buckshot” and are Federal …marked No 266…and would presume (since federal product) that it is a rubber buckshot round (never seen a little short guy like that one)

Not sure why a “red” end wad…but I have a call into my Federal sleuthing guy

The three long “small” rounds would be assumed as 25 m/m (or 1”) flares…can’t tell US or not and would assume as “white” based on the end wad…likely US commercial marine use

Just my 2-3 cents



The third round down in the 5th picture is a 20x110 Hispano case with the wrong projectile (a 20x102 NATO projectile) pushed into the neck.