Need help with Warnant Style Ammo - Chamber Cast

I recently bought a Warnant action Oberhammer rifle and it came in a “mystery caliber”. The chamber castings for the rifle her depicted here. I appreciate any assistance the experts in this group can provide! Thank you.!

Welcome ARSampler,
Nice cast!
Can we get some measurements?
Rim, (above the base tab)
Body, (above the rim)
Neck, (that the bullet goes into)
Case length, (above the base tab to where the bullet goes in)
Bullet, (above where the bullet goes in)
Thank You,

Based on your chamber cast and ruler scale, I would suggest the 5.3x22R Scheibenpistole or Garten Gewehr. Here is a copy of RWS drawing number M287, shown on the European Cartridge Collectors Club (now ECRA) newsletter number 95. The same drawing is also shown in the ECRA Caliber Data Viewer.


Thank you! Yes - I think this is the one … I greatly appreciate your help and speedy reply. I am guessing it will be very hard to obtain this ammunition? Next stop is to try to find some … I appreciate any recommendations for sourcing !! Thanks again !!