Need Help

Thanks for reading this post.
Im looking for scan of Winchester or Remington catalogs showing 7,65x53mm Mauser cartridge and/or rifles chambered for 7,65x53mm.
As long as I know those were Remington M30S and Winchester 54.
Thank you very much.

Martin–Are you only interested in Remington and Winchester listings for the 7.65 Mauser cartridge? U.M.C. listed it in 1896 (no picture).Here is the listing:

#8 1/2 Primer–7.65 mm. Mauser (216 bullet) Metal Cased$50.00/1000
#8 1/2 Primer–7.65 mm. Mauser (216 bullet) Soft Point $50.00/1000

Also available in clips, add $8.00 to list

I an send you scans from the U.M.C. and Remington catalogs for the cartridge. I would have to go check the catalogs for the Model 30S Rifle.


I cannot help you with Remington as I have no catalogs early enough to show the Model 30 rifle. I am sure I have published, non-factory info on the Model 30 though, if you need that.

I have already made scans from the Winchester 1934 catalog of the material you want, but for some reason, I cannot find your email address in my Address Book. I don’t understand why, because I had it. Please send me an email and I will reply with the scans. I haven’t a clue how to attach them to a PM from this forum.

Ron, John,
Thank you very much my friends!

Thanks for the text.
I would love to have some scans of the cartridge and the rifle, if you can.

I just received your scans from Winchester catalog. Also the other pictures…
Thank you very much-