Need hstp ID

Just thinking about my collection and just realised there are two that stand out as needing id’ed.
A 7.62x51 (apparently tracer) with a headstamp that appears to be arabic.
Is there anyone on here that could id/translate it if I took a photo?

The other is a 6PPC hstped GRAF.

I think there is a very good chance of the Arabic headstamp being identified if you post a photo.

All I have on GRAF headstamp is: GRAF = Graf & Sons a supplier not a manufacturer

GRAF cases are made by Hornady

Graf & Sons
4050 S. Clark
Mexico, Missouri 65265

A large mail order supply house for shooting accessories, to include ammunition. They sell most major brands, including a line with their own headstamp generally made by Hornady, but not exclusively made by them. Some calibers are possibly the product of Prvi Partizan, in Serbia.

Headstamps noted to date, thanks primaril to “Witt’s End,” the fabulous headstamp page at the rear of every IAA Journal, that chronicles new headstamps, done by our friend and great IAA asset, Otto Witt.
The following headstamps are not listed in any particular order, or by any particular case maker:

GRAF & SONS 45-90
GRAF 30-06
GRAF 9./3 x 62
GRAF .22-250 Rem.
GRAF .243 Win.
GRAF .270 Win.
GRAF 7mmRem.Mag.
GRAF 7 x 57
GRAF 6.5x50 JAP
GRAF 6.5x55SE
GRAF 7.7x58 JAP
GRAF 6x56R
GRAF 7,92x33

There may be other calibers as well. These are all I have in my files. Lists of their calibers in catalogs is not always helpful as some rounds, such as 7.63 x 25mm Mauser Pistol and 9mm Steyr have not had GRAF headstamps even though marketed by them. Here are some other calibers listed by them in their 2008 Master Catalog, but no guarantee whether or not they are “GRAF” or “GRAF & SONS” headstamps:

6.5x52 Carcano
7x64 Brenneke
7.5x55 Swiss
7x57R Mauser Rimmed
8x56 Hungarian Mannlicher
303 British
7.65 x Argentine
455 Webley Mark II
9mm Steyr
7.63mm Mauser

The catalog pictures the boxes with these rounds ase of the HORNADY brand, with the page title "Innovation by Craf & Sons. Created by Hornady. They may all well have Hornady headstamps. As mentioned, the 9mm Steyr does have a Hornady headstamp, or at least all that we have seen does. The 7.63 Mauser was a huge disappointment - the round in my collection has the Hornady box label, but it is loaded in standard Starline-brand and headstamped cases. It is from early offerings of this caliber by Hornady, so we don’t know if this has been changed or not. It is very possible that Hornady has other cases, both with their headstamp and with GRAF headstamps, outsourced to other makers as well - we simply don’t know at this stage.

I have a 6,5 Carcano case headstamped “GRAF 6,5 CARCANO”

You can see it here … a?start=18