Need ID. 7,62x39



Is it really incendiary cartridge?

Thanks for future answers.


Probably not. The tip color is not right, the projectile profile is not right and the case mouth seal is fishy; too dark, too big and too sloppy.

Also, factory 946 is not known to have made anything other than ball…



if this round is genuine the bullet could be a “lps” with light core
but if is a fake ,the bullet ???


If not a fake reload done by somebody in the West, then it might be one of the reloads done in those gun markets in Pakistan where boys will toil all day reloading cases like this by hand with whatever .310" bullets they have. Maybe it’s a 7.62x54r silver tip bullet loaded into a 7.62x39 case? In that way, this load might have come from a larger repacked group of similar cartridges which could have ended up in Afghanistan or wherever. From there it might have been a battlefield pickup? Do you know the provenance of the cartridge or the overall grain-weight of the cartridge to determine if it is a proper bullet?


The cartridge was in a collection I bought in Switzerland, meeting ECRA 2010. The collector is serious and for me a great expert in ammunition.


The projectile ogive does not appear to be that of a 7.62x54r LPS.

It would be very odd for factory 946 to have made a non-standard load when these types were typically made by 31, 71 or 501…



Perhaps a friendly dentist or animal doctor can do an x-ray for you?


Hi Jonnyc,

At the moment I have no friends who can make an x-ray. :-(