Need ID help Rimfire

I hope some of you can give me the I.D. of this rimfire cartridge.
Thank you

which one? appear to be 4 Spencers and a Ballard(your#4)

Need I.D. on all of them, are them all 56-56 Spencer and # 4 is a 54 Ballard ?



It’s hard to say without dimension or headstamps. Just by looks I’d guess #1 is a 56-52 Spencer, #2 is a Commercial 56-56 Spencer (Winchester?), #3 is an Army-Navy 56-56 Spencer military load (US Civil War), #4 is what was previously called a 54 Ballard but current thinking lists it as a 52 Sharps & Hankins and #5 looks to be a 56-50 Spencer military load.


Hi Rimfire

The dimension and headstamp are typed on the top of the picture, click on the picture and the size will be bigger and easy to read.

Hello Alex,

Sorry I didn’t think to enlarge the photo! The first one may be a 56-50 Spencer by Winchster. Sometimes it’s had to tell the 56-50 and 56-52 apart.
The 56-52 most of the time has a slight bottle neck. Sometimes it’s easier to feel it than to see it. The rest appear to be as stated in my previous post.
The SAW 56-50 Spencer was made by Sage Ammunition Work between 1864 and 1866 on contract for the US Goverment. The 54 Ballard/52 Sharps & Hankins was probably made by C.D. Leet. Closer examination of tool marks would be need to confirm this (and still there could be doubt).


Hi Paul

Thank you very much
Do you have any help on the two other I posted yesterday