Need Id help

Someone asked me to fill some old rounds with a loved ones ashes. I didn’t realize what kind of round he meant when he asked me to do this. I’d like some help with I’d before I take this apart. I want to be safe and make sure these are legal to have.

Legal as legal can be unless it is someone else’s property.

These are 30x173 dummy rounds for the GAU-8A gun of the Fairchild A-10 “Warthog”.

That’s what I thought judging by the lack of a head stamp and the odd cap thing where the primer should be. But I wasn’t 100% sure and before I start pulling on it with pliers or trying to unscrew the cap in the back I wanted a second opinion

These cases normally do not have any headstamps, also not the loaded ones.

When you will try to screw it apart or so you will ruin the entire item as all is glued in firmly.
These might be not extremely valuable but after disassembly value will be close to zero.
Also the dummy fuze may not be threaded at all (as the projectile body can be swaged around the base of the dummy fuze).

I hope that you have more than two, or that the deceased person was very small.