Need ID of 7.62NATO Stripper Clip Makers (American?)


Generally ‘A’ stamping on American ammunition components represents the US manufacturer “Apex Metal Stamping Co. Brooklyn, NY”. However with the research I have done there is a variation in the way the stamping is applied. Is it possible A was used by other makers in different countries, if so who?

Below are 4 examples the first two have all ‘American’ characteristics (when compared to other know American examples like GGG, SEY, Lufkin, AO. It’s possible they are from Apex but were new production runs or from another factory within the company, thus they changed the stamping to ID it?

Dose anyone have any more info or better still any original packaging or loaded clips with dates on them?



The next two would seem to be American but don’t display the same characteristics as other examples. The main difference is in the profile of the retaining spring, now this could just be because they are early examples that have followed the Canadian design (rounded corners), which was later changed to simplify production or vice versa?

A (Sideways, 3.5 mm high)

A (Large, 5.5 mm high)

More info can be seen here