Need ID of unusual WRA box/tin

I was sent the following photos from Europe described as a WRA tin with 30 rounds of 9x19mm. The date looks like 1945.

Has anyone seen these tins before???

Any idea why the ammo was packed this way???



IMHO , special packaging for parachuted supplies to partisans ?

Feb 1945 is very near the end of the War in Europe and it’s possible that partisan groups would have now been within Allied area’s so would ammunition have been supplied through normal channels, with no need for special packing.

However the war against Japan still had several months to run could this packet have been destined for behind the lines groups in the Pacific and SE Asia ? The packet looks very well sealed perhaps to withstand the Tropics etc ?

Just lost the post when previewing it, but here goes again!

I owned one of these tins some time ago but have since sold it. It was not in the best of conditions but was the only one I’d seen. I found it at a militaria fair in London.

Dated 1944 (September if I recall correctly) There were strips of card cut from British 9mm ammunition cartons inside. I presumed the card was from cartons that had contained the ammunition used to fill the tins. Being 30 rounds, I also assumed they were to fill one Sten magazine. My one having been 1944 dated could still have been intended for drops to the resistance in Europe.

I saved photos before I sold it. Not the best quality but might be of interest.

Thought the stencilling layout was different between the two tins, but looking again maybe not.

Mine was 30 RNDS 9MM PKD (then date stamped)

The first tin seems to have 9MM mis-stamped, almost missing, mine had missed (or lost) the marking from above 30RNDS.