Need ID on 9mm

I am completely out of my field here, but what do I have here?

Many thanks for all the info.

It was a military Finnish 9 mm cartridge made by Sako Oy in 1944. It appears to have no primer - I cannot tell if it has a bullet. It is not a standard Finnish pattern dummy, so if it has a bullet, it may be an ersatz dummy round - that neither confirms nor denies that it could be military or police, nor does it tell us when it was made into a dummy. The dummy rounds from that period that I have seen have been chrome-plated. There may be other types with which I am not familiar.

In light of the lack of a period (dot) after the SO or the date, I assume that the dot after the “9” is simply there so it cannot be confused as a “6.”

Hello John,

Thanks for the info!
They have no bullet.
Somebody gave me a few and I had no idea of the origin.

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