Need ID on Air Drop Submunition

About 30 years ago, the Armament Lab at Eglin AFB in northern Florida had a dump site on the open range (accessable with no gate from a public highway) where they dumped inert munitions items that were no longer of use. Periodically they would bring out a bulldozer and cover them up with dirt. Most of it was pretty big stuff (dummy airlaunched missles and bombs and similar stuff) that was too big for me to haul around but I’d go out and fill an ammo can with stuff like plastic 20mm dummies with an XM code on them and stuff like that. Most of it was traded off long ago, but I have two finned air drop submunitions pictured below-of course with a 9mm Para cartridge for scale.

Most of what was in the dump was experimental items from the time and I suspect these are also since they don’t look like anything I ever ran across in the USAF. Does anyone know what they are???

Cheers, Lew

Lew, I am not 100% positive, but it looks allot like a ROCK-EYE sub-munition?


This is the TP version of the Mk.118 AT submunition which is carried by the Rockeye cluster bomb


Correct, used in Vietnam and the old stocks were still used in 2000 in Kosovo.

Here some of them:

Lew, that dump is a gold mine if it still exists.

Thanks! I’ve been carrying them around for ~30 years and now I know what they are. Saw lots of CBUs over the years but can’t recall ever being around Rockeyes.

I appreciate the expert help.