Need ID on Civil War Paper Cartridges


Here are two Civil War era paper cartridges I have never been able to positively identify.

Anybody know what they are?

Over the blue paper it measures 0.583 diameter–2.522 long.

Over the tan paper 0.557 diameter-- 2.171 long.


The Blue papered round is a Williams Type 3 cleaner cartridge. It was used during the US civil war to clean the rifling of the 58 caliber musket. There was a Zinc washer behind the bullet secured to it by a pin. Upon firing the gas forced the Zinc washer against the rifling there by scraping the fouling from it. The cartridge also came in red and tan paper.
The second cartridge is probably a 54 caliber for the M 1841 Mississippi Rifle or one of the foreign imports of the time period.


Carolyn–Thank you for the information. I had tentatively identified the tan one as a Mississippi Rifle cartridge but was not sure.