Need inert 30 x 117 for AFROTC presentation

Help. My son is in AFROTC at Purdue studying aero-engineering. He’s fallen in love with the A-10 and wants to fly them. He is making a presentation on the GAU-8/A the A-10 fires and would really love to have a dummy/inert round for a prop. I can find 30mm cases but cannot locate a complete dummy round with that elongated projectile that gun fires. Making matters worse, we have only a little more than a week to get it. Any suggestions or ideas would be very much appreciated. I realize this may be asking the impossible.

I know this isn’t the same as an actual dummy round

A DU bullet should be difficult to find, if it is legal.

In their website you will find their american address too. A forumist works for this company and asked some data about the 20 mm Vulcan times ago, I don’t remember his nickname, sorry.

Timm, go to GUNBROKER.COM and type in the word “INERT”. There are a lot of great 30mm dummy rounds of various designs. Hope this helps.


Thank you all. Looks like Gunbroker will get the job done fine.

Very happy to help! Hope it works out to your sons satisfaction.


You will have better luck with the correct cartridge nomenclature: 30x173mm.

If you don’t get one and you have the time you can let me know and I will send you one. Always interested in encouraging interest in ammunition.