Need info about 7.62x35 lahti

Does anybody have some information about history of 7.62x35 lahti?

Very little. This is from my web article on Assault Rifle history:

Also falling loosely into this category were late-WW2 efforts in Finland, producing such cartridges as the bottlenecked 9 x 35 Lahti (in the AL43 - a modified SMG design) and the straight- cased 9 x 40 Lilja, but these had light, round-nosed bullets indicating their SMG origin. A 7.62 x 35 version of the Lahti, with a pointed bullet, was more promising but still not adopted.

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Some info here as well


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Great dummy Daan

Here my box from the 7,62x35 (many many years ago from Keskusrikospoliisi )


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A propellant load of 1.20 g, compared to 0.52 g for a 7.63 mm Mauser, would suggest a muzzle energy of approximately 2.3 times that of the 7,63 mm Mauser from a given barrel length.

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Wow fantastic box Peter 1st box I’ve seen of any of his experimentals.

Labbett’s “ASSAULT RIFLE AMMUNITION” has good, but limited, information on the various Lahti and Lilja experimental rounds and rifles.


Here are some Finnish books that have information about the experimental assault rifle cartridges: Finnish Assortment of Pistol Rounds, by Mika Pitkänen and Timo Simpanen, 2015
Sotilaskäsiaseet Soumessa 1918-1988, Volume 2, by Markku Palokangas, 1991
Asesuunnittelijana Suomessa, by Aimo Lahti, 1970

The 2015 and 1991 books have English summaries.

Do any of the 7.62 x 35 have headstamps? Chuck Suydam sent me one in the 1960s but I recall it was not headstamped.

finnish ones are headstamped vpt 41, based on 6,5x55 brass.
may you mix that up with the french experimentals ( different case type), which where not headstamped??

Thanks Forensic,

Probably an error on my part. Chuck sent me a number of experimental assault cartridges, including Swiss, French and Finnish. After 50 years the mind is nowhere near as sharp as I think it was.