Need info about packets of 7.62NATO on stripper clips


Hi guys,

I’m looking for the members help with my 7.62 x 51 mm stripper clip research.

What I would like is for those collectors that have original packets containing 7.62NATO ammo on stripper clips to have a look at them and if possible let me know what markings there are on the clips and what country the ammo is from, or if there are no markings I will be after the small manufacturing details to help ID the clip. Of course the country of origin will be know so all I have to do is try and match the unknown examples I have to them.

Hopefully some of you will have some original packets.

Please I need your help

TIA from an overly obsessive kiwi collector :-D


Anyone know if Argentina produced 7.62x51mm on 5 round stripper clips or was it all packed loose in cartons?


Here’s one from an Israeli 7.62x51 box. It’s actually the same dimesions as a Mauser stripper clip but is marked for both 7.92 and 7.62. On the one Israeli Mauser rechambered in 7.62x51 that I’ve looked at, the stripper guide on the receiver was not enlarged and is too large for a 7.62 NATO stripper clip.


Thanx for the details and pics of the Israeli Mauser stripper clips. I take it those grey tip rounds are the Tear Gas rounds that are available on the internet.