Need info on age of unopened shotgun shell case

Hello! I am new to this site, and have tried to review past Forum articles to answer my questions, but have struck out! I inherited a wooden case of 20 ga. Western Super X shotgun shells. The case is full, unopened, and still has the metal sealing bands around the box. I am not knowledgeable about identifying the codes that may be imprinted on the wooden box, nor what the individual boxes would look like that are contained in this case. Any help would be most appreciated to date these shells, as well as any pictures of what the boxes and shells would look like that are contained in this case. I suspect that this is a pretty rare find…not so much that it is complete, but moreso that it never has been opened. Thank you!

I am adding another picture which shows a stamped code on the end of the box.


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If the crate label is marked “Division of Olin Industries” it dates to the 1945 to 1953 date range.


Thank you, Brian! I appreciate your information that this box is likely from ‘45-‘53. Do you know if the stamped codes on the box end have any meaning?

They are the load codes.
So other scan see.
But I now I see the lot code in the upper right. someone can likely decode those for you.

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Here is an example of the box:


Date code is hard to read, “XD” would be April 1946. Mine is dated October 1948.

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Fede: Thank you so much for all your help and great information! I got up-close to the date code on box to try to read it accurately…it is “G9XD40”. Any photos I take can actually be interpreted in different ways because the lighting and wood grain can make the image confusing. Here is another picture of the code up-close…

Can you tell us the history of the unopened crate?
Who bought it, and, perhaps, why was it never used?
So close to the end of WWII someone might have been stockpiling and simply forgot about it?
Thank you.

Not much history that I have knowledge of…i inherited from my brother-in-law, who bought it at a garage sale. Thats the extent of what we know.

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