Need info on found shells M1 105MM

I work for an estate sale company and two M1 105MM shells (no tips) were found in a home’s basement and we have to sell them. My question is are they safe? Should I be calling the bomb squad or turning them into doorstops? Inquiring minds want to know! Here are some images of it. Sorry some are a little fuzzy but I think you can see enough. Thanks in advance!


For a local estate sale, they will probably sell at the $25-35 range, but at a gun show you might get $50-75 or even more. Don’t be greed, just make them go away.

The one with smooth rotating band is unfired, but the other has been fired, or at least the rifling has left grooves on the rotating band, making it less desirable to a serious collector.

Both are completely inert. They would have some value to an artillery collector but I have no idea how much. One appears to be unfired and the other has either been fired or has an engraved rotating band as found on recoilless rifle projectiles.

No need to be concerned about safety. The only issue might be if the State or Local laws would prohibit such things.

Added - JS posted as I was typing. We said essentially the same things.


The missing “tip” as you call it is the detonator/fuse, and is what would normally make the shell explode on impact.
Also as you can see that the interior (where the explosive compound would be) is empty, that leaves you with just the steel body of the projectile. The only “danger” is dropping it on your foot smile.

OUCH!!! Been there. Done that.

Thanks for the quick responses everyone. I am feeling better about having them in the shop. I have not dropped one on my foot yet as I can barely lift them. It didn’t help that a customer related a story about his grandfather bringing home a BOMB from somewhere on the front, probably WW2. How he got a bomb home, I have no idea. He must have thought it was disarmed or a dud. The kids played with it for years, bouncing it around, etc. However, one day the house caught fire and that bomb went off, sending everything straight up! No one was hurt, thank goodness.

Thanks again.