Need info on Remington .45 Auto

I have a Remington .45 Auto, nickled case and primer, 230gr. GMCS ball bullet.

What is the meaning of the extra long dash between the R and P? What appears to be a dash between the 45 and Auto is just a scratch.

From John Moss:

Ron - I am not sure that anyone has figured out what all the variants of the R-P headstamp are about. We have them with no entry between the R and the P, short dash, medium dash, long dash, dot R P dot, RP right together with no dash, and on and on. I have inquired of many people related in one way or another to Remington Arms, and if they know, they aren’t talking. Remington is one of the most secretive of all the companies about things like this; I don’t believe it is because they don’t know themselves. They are even secretive about things from the UMC days!

This is probably common knowledge:
R.P = Lonoke, AR
R-P = Bridgeport, CT

That dash does seem extra long though… hrm.

I cannot agree that it is “common knowledge” that s short dash on a headstamp signifies production at Bridgeport CT and a dot signifies that the ammunition was made at Lonoke AR. I have samples of Remington boxes after the move, with Lonoke address on them, that contain either short or medium dashes between the R and the P on the headstamp. I have a box of 9mm Luger Practice (Index R9MM7) 140 grain JHP that contained mixed headstamps R-P (medium to long dash) 9 mm LUGER in large letters and R-P (short dash, not a dot) 9 MM LUGER with smaller letters. Note also the difference in the “MM” letters.

I also have a box of Golden Saber 9mm Luger +P (index GS9MMD) 124 grain brass JHP that had two headstamps in the box - one RP 9 LUGER+P (no dash or other punctuation between the R and the P, at all) and R-P (short dash) 9 LUGER +P with smaller headstamp letters. It is also a Lonoke AR-address box.

I also have samples of Bridgeport box that have the shorter dash on the headstamp. I didn’t look at all my boxes - I have dozens of Remington boxes when I include all calibers - and didn’t find one quickly that had the “dot” headstamp at all, but these examples should suffice to show that it is hard to say one is from Bridgeport and one is from Lonoke.

I personally think we have a long way to go before we have any idea what these different marks mean (RP, .RP., R.P, R-P, R–P (one medium dash), R—P (one long dash), etc.

At the risk of re-opening the JFK assasination conspiricay theory, wasn’t there a long discussion on this earlier?


Ray–Yes there was. It even included scans of original dated Remington drawings documenting the change from “Long” to “Short” dash. IIRC, the change was in 1971.

You would have made the conspiracy theory proponent real happy if you had spoken up when the short vs long dash was being discussed earlier.

Guy - don’t understand the last posting. Don’t know if I weighed in on the last discussion of these headstamps or not. I never have time to go look for old postings, and I have the memory of a stone these days. I assume I am the “John” that the posting is referring to. Sometimes I am away, and miss threads that are not current too long. I spend about four hours a day on the Forum as it is, counting research time, which is more than I should.

John Moss,
The post I am referring to regarded two .222 Remington shells that were found beside a fence near where Kennedy was assassinated. These had the R dot P headstamp, and the owner of the shells was convinced that they were produced early enough to have played a part in the assassination, and didn’t want to hear otherwise. Someone produced a headstamp drawing which was said to have been found in the trash at RP, and on which was noted that the R dot P would be used at the Lanoke facility.

Guy & John–I guess we need to go back and look at that thead. As I recall, the drawings only concerned the change from the 'Long Dash" to the “Short Dash” and did not address the “dot” headstamp. Later this evening I’ll try to find it. It was back about mid-Feb. I think. I hope the images are still there.

Guy - o.k., now I understand the comments. I usually don’t take part in any of the silly discussions about the Kennedy affair. That’s why it didn’t register.

The Kennedy affair didn’t end up being the focus of the discussion, but rather it focused on when the short dash was was used. I personally think the conspiracy theories are garbage, but I did enjoy the comments, and the picture of the drawing that was provided was fairly conclusive evidence that the short dash was used when production began at Lanoke.

Ron and John,
There were two threads involved. I have resurrected both. The authors were Wim Dankbaar and Allan Eaglesham in case they get bumped down in the queue before you get to see them.

Guy - thanks, but I don’t think I will bother to look them over. I am short of time this month, and everything regarding JFK is ancient history and not very interesting to me. I studied it quite a bit through historical computer-driven reenactments (scholarly ones) done on the history channel, as I recall, and thru the International Wound Ballistics Association, of which I was a member when it was operating, and the facts are evident as far as I am concerned.