Need information about these 7.92 x 57 plastic blanks

I have a few 7.92 x 57 red plastic blanks, which I always believed was German made during WWII. But I don’t find any evidence to support it. Were these made after the war, and are they Norwegian from Bakkelittfabrikken? They have no headstamp.

Picture of two different primers, and flanked by one 7.62 x 51 on the left, and a 7.62 x 63 on the right:

Together with a exerzier patrone S kunstoff:

Headstamp of the three:

I have one with the smaller primer type, I was told it was made by Bakelittfabrikken when it was given to me by a fellow collector.
Does the one with the smallest primer have four indents on the tip, implying an internal «split point» (bruddanviser)? Mine does.

Yes, both versions have those “split lines”.

I can’t comment on who made them but they are definitely post WWII. They are based on the patents of Lars Ringdal of Oslo Norway who first applied for these type of patents in 1953. Initial production of his blanks was by Bakelittfabrikken in Norway but subsequently quite a few companies manufactured blanks to his patents.


I have a scan of Vidar Andresen’s excellent article about Norwegian plastic cartridges from Bakelittfabrikken A/S, Aurskog. 7,92 x 57 mm IS is mentioned; a snippet about Norwegian 7,92 follows:
Forøvrig har jeg 5 varianter i rød plast med stål bunnstykker og innerhylser.
Variasjonene ligger i fargenyansene, bruddanviserne og tennhettene.

I have no reason to doubt they are indeed BF manufacture.


They are Norwegian, made by Bakelittfabrikken. Here are two boxes for them.


Do you know what weapons we used them in?
I can only think of a couple of 7,92 x 57 mm weapons we used after the war; Mauser K98k, MG34, Colt M/29. I’m unsure whether we kept any MG42s, but I’m relatively sure we had MG42-59s before we received actual MG3s.
The F1 variants of the K98k and MG34 were rebarreled for 7,62 x 63 mm (Coastal artillery installations and the Royal Norwegian Navy had original K98ks in 7,92 x 57 mm)
The M/29 was made with both 7,92 x 57 mm and 7,92 x 61 mm Norwegian Heavy-S chambered barrels. I reckon we used the same type of wooden blank in the Tung-M/29 after the war, as before and during 2. Vk.

I should add that the book «Norske mitraljøser og maskingeværer» has a photograph of a post-war excercise at a Norwegian coastal fortress. Two soldiers fire a Colt M/29 Lett 7,92 x 57 mm with a blank adaptor, using red plastic blanks.
My question can be rephrased to «did we use the blanks in any other guns than the Colt?»

No, sorry, I don’t know what weapons they were used in.

The Police and the Navy (maybe the coastal artillery too?) kept their mauser rifles in 7,92 mm for a long time.

Yes, as far as I have understood, the coastal artillery had both 7,92 mm rifles as well as converted K98k-F1 rifles in 7,62 x 63 mm.
I think the rifles that NSB received were 7,92 mm rifles from the police (G33/40?), do you know anything about it?

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