Need Information On The 120MM XM866 TPFSDS Round

Does anyone happen to know anything about the US experimental XM866 120MM TPFSDS round? I have only been able to find one short article that mentions it. I have learned that it was designed to be a “Long Range”, target practice round. I do not think it was ever adopted? I will post some pics of the 2 projectile variants I have. With the exception of the paint color and penetrator materials, the sabot and penetrator exactly match that of the tactical M827 APFSDS-T round. The M827 was only adopted for a very short period before the M829. My camera battery is dead but I’ll get pics soon. Any information on this round would be greatly appreciated if available. Thanks.


Ok, finally took some pics. I hope someone can tell me something about these projectiles. I found VERY LITTLE on the net.

Here are pictures of my two XM866 TPFSDS Projectiles with slightly different stenciling.

This shows the XM866 on the left and the M865 on the right. Note one is fin stabilized and the other a ported cone. I am guessing this stabilization difference is why one functions as a LONG RANGE and one a SHORT RANGE target practice round?

Note the difference in sub-projectile shape.

This is a photo of the tactical (DU) XM827 projectile and sabot. Other then the black paint and sub-projectile composition, they look identical? The XM827 was adopted by the US for a very short time during the switch from the 105MM M1 Tank to the 120MM M1A1 tank. It was replaced by the much more advanced M829 APFSDS-T round, which has been replaced by the M829A1, then M829A2 and now the M829E3.
I am pretty sure the XM866 and the XM827 were created around the same time period?