Need Information - RE: M900 105MM APFSDS-T ROUND

I am very happy to have recently tracked down the correct steel shell casing for the 105MM M900 APFSDS-T tank round. It uses a common steel M148A1B1 case, primed with a ELEC M128 primer. The M900, made by GD-OTS, is the only US 105MM APFSDS I do not currently have represented, so I am thrilled to have come across this case/primer combo. The Head Stamp even has nice stencils :-) Interestingly, the stencils on the head stamp can only be seen and photographed from a angle. They would not scan at all on my scanner, go figure.

I am writing in the hopes that someone may know what the correct stenciling is on the side of the case? I am pretty sure is says something about only being fired in the M1 tank and something about tanks with a breech serial # over a certain manufacture date. Apparently, this round has a higher pressure level then its M833 predecessor and only the new breech’s can handle it? If anyone has a idea on how this stenciling is exactly read, I would love to find out. One day I hope to find the matching, inert projectile to match up with the case and restore the correct stenciling. Maybe even section the case to better show the projectile fin assembly and primer configuration. Anyhow, for now, I would be stoked just learning about the correct stenciling on the side of the case. Thanks in advance :-) Here are some pics.


105MM M900 APFSDS-T Head Stamp

Stenciling On The Side Of The Case ( I need help with this )

Timeline of US 105MM APFSDS-T Development.
Earliest Left, Oldest Right : XM797 (This is a range reduction TP round that splits down the center long-ways after a certain known distance), the M735 (Tungsten Core), the M774 (1st US, DU 105MM Tank Round), M833 ( DU - Note the gussets on the sabot petals), and the empty M900 Shell case.

Diagram of a M900 Projectile. If anyone has a extra one hanging around their garage, let me know :-) I got this from ORDATA. Unfortunitly, they did not have details to the stenciling.

Hi Jason,
Nice piece !

Awesome! Thank you so much! That is exactly the stenciling I was looking for. Much appreciated!!! Very grateful.


APFSDS, your collection never fails to amaze me. I don’t know if you have seen this eBay seller before but he had tons of manuals for sale about all sort of US equipment.

I thought you might like to have a look through, you could possible find some manuals relating to the ammunition or even the guns themselves that would be great as part of your reference library.

I did a sort of his manuals for M68 Tank and came up with the following (I hope the link works):-

I’ve purchased manuals from the seller in the past and I’ve been very pleased with his service and what I got.

Have a play searching though his manuals there is all sorts of goodies hiding in there.

Thanks SO MUCH for the complement on my collection and for bringing that EBAY Seller to my attention, Kevin! Much appreciated! I am proud of my collection, but it would not be as cool as it is with-out the help of some great friends and mentors that I have met threw the IAA.

I have also purchased from this seller on EBAY in the past, and like you, have been very happy with the manuals I have purchased. In fact, I have one of his M1 tank manuals. Unfortunately, it is more about the tank then its ammo. I was still thrilled because I am totally fascinated by tanks, especially the M1, M1A1(2), Leopard, Challenger and the Merkava as well as the ammo they shoot.

I really appreciate the heads up on this Seller. I just marked him as a favorite so I can follow all his new auctions.


Here is a great cutaway diagram of the 105MM M900 APFSDS-T round for the M1 Tank. I believe the M900 is now only made in Egypt under license for their M1 tanks we sold them? Still, the M900 is the most powerful 105MM tank killer out their to my knowledge.


Does anyone have a picture of a M900 round other then the one in Jane’s Ammunition or GD-OTS’s web site?




Check the latest edition of TM 43-0001-28, "Artillery Ammunition, etc." and the changes to it.  The M900 (and all other unclassified current loadings) should be shown in it.


Thank you so much Jim! Rien was kind enough to send me a current edition of that TM. Very grateful for your time and help. It is so hard finding good information about this round.


Found this great diagram that compares the M900 to its earlier predecessors.