Need Information

I am trying to identify an unknown that I think is a U.S. military experimental. It has a bullet diameter of 8.8 mm (35 Cal.) with a conformation similar to an M1 Carbine bullet. It has a RIMMED straight case that is 46.05 mm in length and 9.40 mm in O.D. and a head stamp of W C C 6 5 evenly spaced. It looks like a rimmed over sized M1 carbine round. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Please, could you post pictures? It sounds like something made from an unfinished 5.56x45 case.

Fede, Sorry, I have never mastered that art. That is a good possibility. It looks like it was intentionally made, but I have never seen a bullet of that caliber with the M1 Carbine full patch configuration. Bill

Somebody making odd-ball shooting ammo?

I think Fede has the best idea I have heard. It would have made more sense to me that if it were a military experimental, it would probably have been rimless. The full patched M1 Carbine conformation bullet is still my problem. B