Need information

At a recent ammo show I bought a rifle round with only the headstamp of .499. Does anyone have any information about this round?

Jim–That is a .499 Leitner-Wise Rifle cartridge. Go here for the full story:

airbornecombatengineer.typepad.c … rwise.html

FWIW: Since that blog post, the USCG dropped the LW499 conversions like a hot rock, Paul Leitner-Wise was ejected from the company, and LWRCI has eliminated the LW499 from their product lineup. The LW499 was a problem child, and they are now concentrating on more mainstream cartridges.

I understand that Silver State Armory (SSA) may still offer ammunition.

Dan - I wonder if head collapse of the cartridge was the problem. I will not name the source, but that was brought up to me by a knowledgeable person at a SHOT show. Also the fact that they “appropriated” the basic design from another well-known firm with a similar cartridge, but redesigned the head differently and poorly.