NEED Mk-29 Point Detonating Fuze for 16" projectile


Greetings all,

John has been of great help in my project of restoring a 16" 50 cal Battleship projectile but I have hit a dead end on 2 issues.

I NEED a Mk-29 Point Detonating Fize (inert of course). I understand this fuze was used in many different projectiles so there should be some around somewhere.

Does anyone on here have a Mk-29 PDF in great shape that they are willing to sell?

I’d also like to know how to stencil the shell so it looks authentic. Like what info, lettering size, where, etc.

If anyone on here has a 16, I’d love to chat with you and ask a few questions.

Thanks in advance - Terry


I sent you a possible source a few days ago. Any luck? I would love to see a photo of the finnished project as well as “in progress” pics if you have any. Good luck.



Hey Jason,
I THINK I got it - was it to Munitions Tech? If not, please resend it. I’m not having ANY luck finding one of these and I’m sure there have to be some out there. Be glad to post pics later.



Hey Terry

I was surfing around, actually looking for some 20MM stuff, and ran across a web page/store selling 16" rounds with fuse. Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but check it out: (their inert ammo section, next to last item).



Rick–Could you recheck that URL. I had no luck trying to use it.


Yes, a link would be great.


the web page is:

just tried it again, and that worked. You may want to insure you use the -a- at the end if Indiana and the -a- for Army. (2 a’s) I did it myself, used only one a. Hopefully, that will get y’all to the page.


On the left go to the lowest button “MISC” and there on the upper part to “INERT AMMUNITION”.


If it does not work out with Indiana, I may have anouther lead? GOOD LUCK!


I have no idea how to do that “link” stuff. Thanks EOD. I’m barley able to get pictures posted. Anyway, I hope the Indiana outfit has what -tlturbo- is looking for. And like Jason, I would like to see some pics myself.


slick rick, you just mark the address bar (by just clicking on it - turns blue) on top in the browser window (where it starts with “http://…”) , then right click and “copy”, then write your posting, e-mail or what ever you do and there right click and “paste”. That’s it.



Thanks for the instructions. I’m always trying to make things difficult. Whatever you do, don’t ask me what time it is, I’ll tell you how to build a clock.



Hi guys,
Thanks for the help.

Indiana Army Surplus is where I got the projectile. They are a great bunch of guys but DO NOT have the proper fuze for the 16" They told me that before I got it and they sent a fuze that is way too small. Unfortunately, I’m one of those that wants the right thing.

Their shell is a pretty good deal IF you have a way to get it or can afford to have it shipped. Remember your talking about 1900 lbs total here. I got the base plug out easy (heavy sucker) after I finally figured out it was REVERSE threads so the spin imparted by the rifling wouldn’t make it unscrew. I cleaned up the demill slag and got the fuze adapter to screw all the way into the projectile nose and also got the fuze protector to screw all the way on. So I’m all set except for the FUZE. That and figuring out the proper way to stencil it after it is painted.

Now I’m working on designing a roll-around stand for it (vertical) that won’t tip over.

I’ll try and get some pics on here. Not sure if this board works the same as others I’m used to but here goes.

This is the shell as I got it.

These are the fuze adapter, fuze (wrong one) and fuze cover.

This is the adapter on the shell after a couple days work. If you get one, I can give you some tricks on how I got the threads cleaned up.


Real nice job! I always thought the 16" inchers weighed in at 2700 lbs? Did you ever try big sky for the fuze?


The AP (armor piercing) was 2700 lbs. The HC HE (High capacity-High Explosive) used for shore bombardment was around 1900 lbs loaded.

By the way, I have an ordinance document someone found for me that states the name Mk14 was just used to designate a MK13 from a different manufacturer. These came from Crane in Indiana.

Believe me, I have tried EVERYPLACE on the internet that I could find for a fuze HA

The driving bands on these shells are in great shape and will clean up to a pretty copper color.


#16 … unRoom.wmv

Check out this video. I did just like you said EOD. Sir.