Need more info on 54r pack

I just found this pack in a lot of ammo I had purchased. I only have one of these, and it is sealed - so I don’t want to open it. I suspect it is 54r as it is packaged exactly as all of the old 54rs. Does anyone know what headstamp I can expect inside? Is this a common package? If so, I’ll open it. I have never seen one of these before, so not sure.

Got a translation for the Chinese on the package. It says: "Type '38 (I think it’s because the ammo were made in 1949, which is equivalent to the year of 38 ROC year), machine & rifle ammo, 15 bullets, Department of Military Engineering, North-east Military District, year of May 26th, 1949.

Unfortunately I can not see the images.

Wasn’t the 7.62x54R the Type 53 (1953) in China?

Means this above should be likely some other caliber (I guess a Japanese one).

Hopefully this works. Sorry, for some reason the earlier image links break:

Thank you. That helped. It is Chinese but Arisaka not 54r. Strange, as the package looks exactly the same as 54r. Same as package pictured in this post:

Anyone collect this caliber?

Isn’t Type 38 the Japanese designation for the 6.5mm Arisaka cartridge?

A similar carton label is shown in Ken Elks’ book [b]Chinese Ammunition 1870 to the Present Day /b, page 66, and the carton contains Chinese made Japanese 6.5 x 50mmSR cartridges. A translation of the label is shown in Elks’ book:

" 38 Type Rifle Machine-gun cartridge; 15 rounds, North East Military District Military Munitions Department; 1949 year 5 month 18 day ". The label shown above has a date of: 1949 year 5 month 26 day.

Chinese made 6.5 x 50mmSR is briefly discussed on the forum here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=691


[quote=“ikcenracz”]Hopefully this works. Sorry, for some reason the earlier image links break:[/quote]

The images are ok now, thanks a lot!