Need pin fire ID help

Picked this up at a flea market last week. Raised HS - * PUSNUT* BBIXELLBS, raised dot in center. One or both U’s may be O’s. OAL - .958, CL - .57, BASE - .469, LIP - .466, CONE SHAPED BULLET .45, CONE .43. Bullet rises straight from case about .155 then there is an indented ridge to .43. I am not a machinist so dimensions may be a little off.



Hi Rookie,

Yeah, definitely FUSNOT BRUXELLES.

Were made by Charles Fusnot’s company and came in these boxes:

Thanks Orange and Aaron. Info much appreciated. Any idea of manufacture date.

Rookie, there is lots of great info provided by WBD and Jeanpierre on Fusnot in the following link:


Thank you Rim Pin great info. By the way great box Aaron.