Need prices for a deceased friends cartridge collection

I am a long time IAA member. I have been asked to catalogue and value a diseased friends cartridge collection. Would it be possible for another member to E-mail me the latest cartridge values for rimfires, and U.S cartridges over 44 caliber. Any help would be appreciated. My E-mail is Thanks.


The latest JOURNAL has the price guide for US cartridges over 44 caliber. I can check to find the latest issue that covers rimfires, but you should be able to find it just as quickly (or maybe quicker).

P.S. It’s issues 487 and 488 for rimfires.


Not knowing anything about liquidation of cartridge collections, I would submit that valuation and sale by individual cartridge may not be too productive, unless they are of substantial rarity and value. I would expect that if there are many cartridges (or whatever else) in the collection, the sale would be more practical as either the entire collection in a single lot or as a manageable number of carefully-grouped affinity lots. And I expect the price realized per lot would be much less than the sum of the estimated values of the individual pieces. It might be best to consider letting a dealer handle the sale on consignment.