Need sime help identifying a 76 mm shell

Okey, i just got this shell from my birthday and need some help identifying it. Its about 63.5 cm long. I bet its a 76 mm as the headstamp says: 76/62. This made me think of a the Italian made OTO Melara. The rest of the markings include:
O - M (O could also be a zero)

aul 08

A sun shaped mark with 50°C inside

A bottle shaped mark with 500°C inside

C - 1 SMI 78 (this part is the hardest to see as its partially faded)

In the inner part of the shell:
Dm 231


I have a couple, different head stamp but both marked as 76/62.
The OM on yours would be a good sign its Oto Melara. Not my usual interest but they are nice solid cases!.

It is a 76mm OTO Melara (navy) case made by Societa Metallurgica Italiana (Italy). The primer is German and made by Diehl Nürnberg (Germany).
So the case was loaded or reloaded in Germany.