Need some help identifying

Recently acquired 3 unusual 30-06 cartridges.
See photos below:
First one is a tin-plated brass case m1909 blank headstamped FA 8 17 with a brass primer and heavy 3 stab crimp. This cartridge is listed in Marcello’s book and in HWS1 as a possible reuse of Proof ctg cases. Why the heavy stab crimp for a blank?

The second is a nice pencil round with a tinned brass bullet jacket and no primer or headstamp. Anyone have an idea as to its origin?

The third appears to be a ball round with magnetic bullet jacket. Case is headstamped MF. The primer is nickel with a spot of pinkish-purple paint on it. Is this one of the MF cases made for Fred Gibbs? Anyone know the meaning of the paint dot?

Thanks in advance for the help.


Really! No one has seen these before?



  1. never seen such crimp on a 30-06 blank.
  2. I have many without headstamp, most are impossible to identify 100%.
    the pencils were a popular WW1 product
  3. correct MF Footscray for Gibbs.
    I only have a NUPE, so I can’t tell you what load it is


Thanks Rene!