Need some help with a couple of projectiles


I am not up on my large artillery items… need some assistance…
Just got a (what I believe) is a 6 inch 23 cwt HE projo. Appears to be an original paint. ( I know the fuze is wrong in the one picture.) Original is on the way to me. Any ideas as to why the green color? (practice?) Markings?

The silver one is an 18 pdr that was turned into a lamp. No other markings than what I have shown. I also believe the base was cut out and threaded. I also think its an HE shell.

Any additional info is welcome and appreciated

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Ok… anyone know of someone making replica charge bags for the 6 inch? Would like one for display…

Also looking for a WW1 dated primer for my 18 pdr case and a #106 fuze for this shell… going to paint it up as a phosphorus shell…