Need some info on these rounds

I would like some info and history on the following rounds:
.750 Nitro Express
8mm Pieper
11.3mm Montenegrin Gasser
.40 Taurus
.230 Centerfire
.401 Herters
.502 Thunder Sabre
.577 Tranter
.307 Schneelock Triangular
8mm Gravity Fed
4x14.5 Swiss
.177 High Standard
.267 Remington
Maxim Balloon Buster
.50 Sniper
.50 2 1/4 Mag
.50 Razor Back
.499 Hubel Express
.500 Rafiki
.625 Magnum Miller Greis
.666 Teufel
.700 CQ
Sorry for the long list

The .40 Taurus has been discussed in the past:
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On the .499 Hubel Express. There are two slightly different versions of this cartridge. The earliest version was based off the 475 #2 Nitro Express with the case straightened and then sized to use the same diameter bullet as used in the 500 S&W Magnum. The second version was based off the .450 #2 Nitro Express case. The only real difference in the two versions is the base diameter of the case. The first version has a base diameter of .577", while the second version has a base diameter of .565".

.499 Hubel Express Version #1
Made from .475 No2 Nitro Express
Bullet Dia. = .500”
Case Mouth Dia. = .523”
Case Head or Base Dia. = .577”
Rim Dia. = .630”
Case Length = 3.55”
O.A.L. = 3.92”
Bullet weight = 500 grain

.499 Hubel Express Version #2
Made from .450 No2 Nitro Express
Bullet Dia. = .500”
Case Mouth Dia. = .523”
Case Head or Base Dia. = .565”
Rim Dia. = .630”
Case Length = 3.55”
O.A.L. = 3.92”
Bullet weight = 500 grain

Hope this helps

If you PM me your mailing address I will send you a copy of my book on the wildcat cartridges of Mr. Hubel.

Regarding your “.625 Magnum Miller Greis” - I think you are maybe getting confused between the .625 Mauser Magnum and the .575 MILLER & GREISS.

Both were shown in a diagram drawn by Stephen B. Ickes (sp ??) in 1958 titled “MAGNUM MAUSER AMMO” and shown on the cover of the ICCA bulletin #347 of 1989. These were probably only wildcats on the 50 Browning MG with a heavily rebated rim.

Recently c2010 modern reproductions by OPM of South Africa of both of these cartridges were produced.

The 50 Razor Back is a 300 RUM case shortened and loaded with a .510" diam bullet.
The 500 Rafiki is a 700 NE necked down to .510" with a very long neck

The 750 NE cartridge was an idea of an american hunter, that ordered an express rifle so chambered to an italian gunsmith, Mr. Lucchini of Armitalia. First cartridges were made by BELL for Lucchini. That huge rifle remained unfinished since the customer erased the order due to some money troubles. I was lucky enough to see and handle that rifle, a real monster.
In recent years 750 NE rounds made by other makers were made, so I think that at least another rifle so chambered has been made somewhere in the world. The round has a straight case of about 3 1/2" lenght, and is very similar to the old 4-Bore cartridge (a 4 Gauge loaded with a single bullet)

Not sure about the 666 Teufel, but it should be a necked up version of the 577 Tyrannosaur

Here is a link to info on the 750 NE.


I don’t know why in the article is written that the 750 rifle was made for Marco Scaiola “who actually owns the gun”.

That is exactly the rifle I have seen and handled, and pictures are taken in Lucchini’s shop. Lucchini himself said that the rilfe was specifically made for an american customer that finally rejected the order because some financial troubles.
As you can see the rifle is unfinished, exactly how I have seen it some years ago.

All that I can say is that it is impossible that an italian guy could have bought it, simply because this rifle is not registered as a legal civilian gun by the old national catalogs or the new proofhouse database, so it actually is “non existent” according to the law (Lucchini, as a gunsmith has a license that allows him to make and own unregistered guns. I also doubt that this could ever be legal for italian shooters.

The other pictures in the link are taken from an article published by Armi & Tiro magazine some years ago.

I also suspect that “Morrow” in the headstamps is actually the name of the customer who ordered the gun

Thank you for the information.