Need some Polish help - ECRA?


I am still looking for any info or photos of packaging, etc… for a couple of Mesko 9mm cartridges. They are the “AP” and the “KPO”, which appear in their auto-pistol cartridge 2-page catalog from their current website. I assume the KPO is the same thing as Sako’s KPO which is an expanding FMJ like the Federal EFMJ, but the AP is a mystery. Is it a copy of another existing European AP 9mm projectile, or something unique? The section from the .pdf file online (which is hard to make function properly) looks like this (I added English titles over the different sections):

It claims a projectile weight of 91gr, and the only other current AP 9mm projectile in Europe close to that which I know of is the current Tula exposed steel-core projectile which is 90gr… Any Polish collectors out there know about this one?