Need to identify please

Purchased this as part of a large lot at an estate sale. It is completely sealed in a vinyl pouch and I’d rather not open it to investigate. Any help as to what it is, how many rounds/type and it’s value/best way to sell it. Thank you.

This should be 432 EA 9x19 Danish M41 ball.

Here is a thread, on this very forum, featuring this very image:

“432 st” = “432 pc”


That’s Swedish “M39/B” 9mm +P ammo from the early 1980’s, and packed for a Danish military contract. At some point there was a bunch of this surplussed out and imported into the U.S… It is basically just hot (higher velocity / pressure) 9mm FMJ ball ammo for plinking, but it has the unique characteristic of having a thick inner steel jacket in the projectile which enables enhanced penetration through barriers such as Kevlar body armor, which is what it was originally designed for. I have seen it sold as both cheap shooting ammo, as well as very pricey “armor piercing” ammo. It is legal to own and transact everywhere in the U.S. except Washington DC, but the importation of it was restricted after 1993 when the definition of “pistol caliber armor piercing” ammo was modified and added to the 1986 law restricting the importation and manufacture of other more traditional pistol caliber AP bullets with hardened cores.